Class Instruction

How does the class work?


  • You must sign up by the last day of the month before you wish to start the class. For example, if you wish to take the class in June, you must have signed up by the last day of May.

  • Online classes will begin on the 1st of each month. You can self-pace through the online classwork, but you must have all assignments and tests completed by the 30th of the month at noon.

  • The mandatory live class will be held on one scheduled date during each month. Click on the sign up button below and scroll toward the bottom of the form to see the schedule for these mandatory classes.


The mandatory class day will include: class paperwork, an Operation Lifesaver presentation for students and a Zero Fatalities Parent Meeting at Lone Peak High School in the Little Theater. A parent must attend the Zero Fatalities presentation with their student. (A Grandparent or other influential adult may also attend in place of a parent.)

Be sure to sign up for a class held 3 months before you wish to get your license.