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Please Note: Driver Education fees cover one attempt each at classroom, range, road training, and testing.


Any student who needs to retake the class, behind the wheel, or road testing will need to pay an additional fee for each. Please see the Alpine School District fee schedule for this year to know how much each fee is. 


Active Lone Peak students can pay online like they would for any school fee.

Fee waivers can be applied to driver education. Please work with the finance office if needed.


Anyone not currently a Lone Peak student can pay in person in the finance office or online using the Public Items option. Instructions are below:

1. Create a login from the opening page and select Lone Peak as the school

2. Choose public items (see step one slide)

3. Select from category drop down option (see step two slide)

4. The two Driver Education options will be listed and you choose what you want and add it to the cart (see step three slide)

5. Check out and be sure to keep a copy of the receipt for your classroom and road instructors

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