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Classroom Instruction.

You will sign up for the class on the Class  page. You should complete class 2-3 months before you want to get your license but you can take the class as soon as you have your permit. Utah state law requires drivers under the age of 19 to take a driver education class. This used to be taught live in the classroom, but we have moved the class instruction to a hybrid course which includes 1 live class (when health restrictions permit) where both students AND PARENTS attend, and the required hours of online coursework. Classes begin once a month. Attendance to the live classes is required. There is a make up option, but the student needs to contact the instructor to learn what they need to do to make up this session.  Students have 1 month complete the online portion of the class.


Range instruction.

You will sign up for range instruction on the Range page. You will complete range either simultaneously with class instruction or after you have completed it. Range instruction is held once a month. It is suggested that you complete range one to two months before you wish to get your license. Range runs for 4 days, 2 hours a day. You must attend all 4 days. No make up is offered. If there is an issue, email Dan Schoonover at dschoonover@alpine Range is held at American Fork High School at the driving range located on the southeast corner of the campus. Bring your permit with you. Parental permission forms are required to drive a Driver Education car.

Road instruction.

Once you have completed range, you will be assigned to a specific road instructor for behind the wheel training and another instructor for road testing. That road training instructor will contact you and schedule your road sessions. Once complete, you will be contacted by the tester to take your road test. Please note that you will be scheduled based on the instructor's availability. They will, of course, work with your schedule as well. You can check on the Road & Testing page to see to whom you have been assigned. You can find their contact information on the About page. Be sure to bring your permit with you when you come to road instruction.  Your road test will be the last thing you will do with a road instructor. Once you pass your road test, completed your parental practice hours, and are eligible for your license, you can go to the Driver License Division and get your license.